Seeing the results of the latest vote on gun reform made me so angry that I actually did something unheard of —

I made a phone call!

(Wait, there’s more…)

To my representative!

I haaaaaaate talking on the phone, too. Truly. Anything I can get done via text or email instead of talking to a human, I DO. So to take this step you KNOW I was pissed.

I was on hold with Barbara Boxer’s office enjoying an initial rush of do-gooder pride when I realized I’m ridiculous (or, at best, innocuous). Why?

I live in Los Angeles. Calling my left-loving rep in a moral outrage over gun reform?

I’ll take “preaching to the choir for a hundred, Jack.”

Gee, how ‘bout I follow THAT up with a call to Donald Trump so I can tell him to get off his rump & do something about the Mexican-Muslims!

Sigh. Still, I wanted to do something, so I left a message (turns out it was past their office hours). I asked them to have someone call me back to tell me where my phone calls COULD do some good. I suppose that’s better than nothing.

It was watching John Oliver last night that made me more conscious of the fact that tweeting is not exactly “doing my part” to end policies and legislation I feel are evil. He was making the point (in an EXCELLENT episode) that liberals like myself can’t complain about the NRA unless I’m as willing to “suit up and show up” as they are. If liberals like myself had one tenth the gitterdun-ness of the NRA crowd, there wouldn’t be as much of a need for moral outrage over mass shootings or the Dickey amendment or gun show loopholes.

Maybe I’m morally outraged at MYSELF more than I am at Mitch McConnell or John McCain or Lindsay Graham or… After all, they’re dyed-in-the-wool Republican conservatives. They’re doing just what we EXPECT them to do. What’s MY excuse?

If anyone has suggestions of what someone like me, who lives in California, who wants a ban on assault weapons, and an expansion of background checks can do that will actually do some GOOD, please comment and let me know! (This is not an invitation to debate gun reform, so don’t bother if that’s your aim. Thanks.)

I like my words done medium-well. (Succession, Daily Show, Reno 911, Broadway) Subscribe to my YouTubes!

I like my words done medium-well. (Succession, Daily Show, Reno 911, Broadway) Subscribe to my YouTubes!